We facilitate all levels of production with excellence.
+ape is a full service creative content company with a diverse and expansive skill base that challenges anyone in the market.

Our media future demands flexibility, innovation, and above all, the capacity to thrive in ambiguity.

Clients and Credentials

Even Leonardo da Vinci couldn’t know everything we all know collectively.

While we’re talking about diversely talented people, the breadth of brains and skill here is enormous. We’ve rallied the best creative thinkers in the business.

Unlike Leo, there’s not one single man or woman here who is genius at everything. There is genius fair and squarely spread across a range of creative skills and communication know-how. Award winning writers, art directors, journalists, film makers, editors, producers and directors.

Collaboratively, it gives us and you an arm span much greater than our height, and our competitors. It’s the killer advantage we need to create the finest and yet most affordable content possible. From developing marketing and communication strategies, music videos to feature films, graphic design to web series, we’ve conceived it, written it, shot it, edited it, produced it and despatched it all.

Content that’s brilliantly made and brilliantly measurable.

Let's be clear. We don’t make content, we create stories. Stories that would make Leonardo proud. Knowledgeable, proficient, skilful and imaginative work that changes the way people will feel about your brand.

Every time we create a story, it’s to connect with your audience in a way they will remember and respect. Long-form video lets us imagine amazing ways beyond promotion or advertising to put your brand into a fresher and more relevant context.

Through our depth of experienced and creative thinking, we’re connecting brands to their audiences in more unexpected and intriguing ways. And by taking a goals-focused approach, we’re designing content that is cleverly custom-fit to your brand’s personality, messaging and delivery strategies.

. What are your communications targets?
. What is your rollout strategy for the content?
. Where do your audience engage with your content most?
. Is this piece intended to entice new audiences?
. Turn casual viewers into brand advocates?
. Reward your most loyal brand ambassadors?

These questions help us drill. The answers help us build.
Metamorphism is the new black.

Efficient video production in the current day and age means autonomous vertical integration, which is really just a fancy way of saying we’re a cooperative group of independent content producers who come together in whatever configuration makes sense for the project. We have the depth and breadth of talent on hand to modify our offer into everything you need and nothing you don’t. Which means, your budget goes into your content, not our overheads.

Full Service. Lean mindset.

The consummate brains available to you here at +ape mean we’re not only at the cutting edge of the process and technology, we’re also equipped to handle everything from web and mobile content through to broadcast and film delivery. Proficient in the latest hardware and software we also have mobile hardware to handle onset data management for Red, ARRI, Sony and Canon cameras with procedures to ensure your data is protected during the entire production process. We have in-house facilities to handle offline editing and online editing with either Apple Final Cut Pro X or AVID Media Composer, motion graphics with Adobe After Effects and Nuke, and colour grading with Da Vinci Resolve.